Welcome! I’ve been teaching language arts to middle schoolers for about twenty years.  Recent stints as an adjunct methods professor, cooperating teacher for a teacher intern, and instructional coach have informed my opinions about our profession and the direction it needs to take.

My evolving ideas have been most affected by my work as a formative assessment facilitator for the past two years in the school where I’ve been teaching for the past 13 years. Formative assessment as a process has really transformed my thinking around education reform.  In addition, I had the opportunity to be part of a Teach to Lead team at the Baltimore summit which further cemented my ideas about the role teachers play in leading that reform.

The hardest part of becoming an instructional coach for me was not having my own group of students…and instead having a group of autonomous adults each with his/her own ideas about, well, about everything!  Now, I’m transitioning yet again to a new state (From MD to NC thanks to a job relocation for the hubs) and an unknown job situation. Stay tuned… hopefully that all gets straightened out.

This is my second attempt at writing a blog… so we’ll see how she goes…but my intention is to write about teacher leadership, speeding up the change process in ed, formative assessment topics/connections, and whatever else might pop up.

I’m on Twitter @lisalienemann

On a more personal level… I’m married to all-around great guy and MN Vikings fan, Todd.  We each have two kids for a total of four aged 19-24, all of whom are fabulous.  As empty nesters, we have filled the void with a somewhat insecure and extremely silly Golden Doodle, Tucker, loyal and sweet, but poorly mannered at the door when visitors come.